SDS and Combination Hammer Drills

SDS and Combi Hammer Drills

Whether you are chiselling out lintels or drilling an opening in masonry our range of powerful combination hammer/drills are just the job!

We have a wide range of  high quality SDS hammer bits in stock to get you started.

No power sockets around? No problem! Our cordless 22 volt SDS drills will drill upto 28mm holes into concrete and even have a feature to allow light chiseling work making it a great all round workhorse for the powerless.

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SDS Hammer Drill 110v 18.80 26.30 37.50
Cordless SDS Hammer Drill 22v 30.00 42.00 60.00
SDS Combination Hammer Drill 110v 25.00 35.00 50.00
SDS MAX Combination Hammer Drill 110v 31.30 43.80 62.50

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