Diamond Core Drills

Diamond Core Drilling

Our selection of diamond drills cut through most building materials with ease whether you’re drilling dry into brick or block upto 152mm or wet through reinforced concrete, straight or angled holes upto 500mm in diameter.

Rig kits come complete with water supply unit and rig stand. Diamond core bits are sold separately or charged per millimetre of wear.

Also available is the VP-U Vacuum Pump allowing the user to fix the rig stand to a smooth surface without the need for anchoring into the floor or wall.

NB. Our DD250 rig must be fixed to base using mechanical anchors (available separately)

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Handheld Dry Diamond Drill upto 152mm 40.00 56.00 80.00
Handheld Wet Diamond Core Drill upto 131mm 60.00 84.00 120.00
Wet Diamond Drill Rig DD150U upto 162mm 80.00 112.00 160.00
Wet Diamond Drill Rig DD250 upto 500mm 140.00 196.00 280.00
Vacuum Pump VP-U 20.00 28.00 40.00
Water Feed Bottle DWP10 10.00 14.00 20.00

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