Rotary & Percussion

Rotary & Percussion Drills

For high or slow speed drilling of wood, metal or masonry our range of powerful rotary & percussive drills will drill upto 32mm diameter holes.

Our range of Hilti cordless percussion drills feature long life, no fade lithium ion batteries and are comparable to similar corded tools blow for blow.

So don’t trip over cables hire a cordless today!


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13mm Rotary Drill 110v   

suitable for light duty metal drilling applications

12.50 17.50 25.00
13mm Percussion Drill 110v

a lightweight percussive action drill suitable for timber and masonry jobs

12.50 17.50 25.00
10mm/13mm Right Angled Drill 110v 

a rotary drill ideal for use in tight spots

12.50 17.50 25.00
Cordless Percussion Drill/Driver 22v

our Hilti cordless drills feature 5.2aH batteries and 10 torque settings for effective screwdriving. Complete with 2 batteries and air cooled charger

20.00 28.00 40.00
 Broaching Drill 110v

High speed metal cutting with burr-free broaching cutters upto 35mm in diameter. These drills feature powerful electro magnets.

 56.30  78.80  112.50


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