Demolition Hammers - Hydraulic powered breakers

Hydraulic Breakers and power packs

We offer vibration dampened models from Belle Altrad. These breakers are ideal for general purpose demolition of asphalt and concrete while remaining light weight and comfortable to use for the operator.

All of our hydraulic breakers can come complete with hoses and insert tools. A charge will be made for resharpening to used steels

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25kg Hydraulic Breaker

delivering outstanding breaking force, suitable for medium to heavy concrete demolition, self contained with its own 20litre power pack

12.50 17.50 25.00
20 litre/min Power Pack

9hp petrol engined pack at only 60kg in weight, these power packs are easy to transport from site to site

22.50 31.50 45.00
Hydraulic pack and Breaker kit

Combine the two above tools for your very own mobile demolition kit

35.00 49.00 70.00

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