Concrete Floats

Concrete Floats


For large areas that need a trowelled finish we have 900mm petrol engined power trowels which can be made available with a float pan if time is of the essence.

Power trowel blades are usually used once the concrete has hardened a little more and the pitch can be set higher to a more acute angle so that the blades ‘burn’ and squeeze the excess water out of the pour.

Float pans are used in the early stages of troweling and are often used when the contractor wants to get on the slab as early as possible to start the process of troweling. The float pan helps to distribute the weight of the machine evenly over a larger area allowing it to ‘float’ on top of the concrete and prevent sinking or digging in which could happen if you use typical trowel blades too early in the process.

The magnesium concrete Bull Float levels ridges, fills voids and smooths the surface in preparation for troweling.  Unlike finishing with a steel trowel, floating won’t close the surface, which is important at this stage to let bleed water out. A float also helps bring the paste to the surface by pushing down the coarse aggregate.

Made from durable, thin carbon steel, the blade of the Big Blue concrete float is curved at the ends to prevent the digging of the work surface, eliminating lap marks and providing an extra smooth finish.

The Fresno Broom consists of a narrow, thin tempered carbon steel blade to which a broom assembly is connected  enabling a textured, non-slip finish of concrete flatwork. When using a Fresno broom to give a brush finish on concrete, the forward pass is made with the blade tilted back to smooth the concrete going forward. When pulling back the handle is rotated to put the front edge of the blade and the brush in contact with the concrete.



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Bull Float complete with swivel head and 3 snap handles

Big Blue Float complete with swivel head and 3 snap handles

15.00 21.00 30.00
Fresno Broom incorporating steel float head and texturing broom 15.00 21.00 30.00
Power Trowel 900mm can come with optional float pan 26.00 36.40 52.00

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