Material Mixers

Material Mixers

An essential item for most building jobs, our mini mixers come with a quadpod stand for easy tipping, while our larger diesel site mixers can produce 113litres of mixed concrete.

Handheld paddle mixers are best for mixing heavy materials and large volume mixes like plasters, hardwall and bonding, external renders and epoxy mortars. They will easily handle a 4 bag mix.

The SPE Mixit 25 pan mixer is a robust and portable mixing solution for high output, single handed operation.

Forced action mixers are designed specifically for heavy duty industrial applications. The mixing pan is driven through a gearbox by either diesel or electric motor. As the mixing head is lowered the machine automatically starts and then stops as the head is raised. A steel grill panel allows bagged material to be introduced throughout the process. Once mixing is complete, the mix can easily be emptied by using the tipping device.



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130 litre Mini mixer  available in electric or petrol, complete with quad stand 15.00 21.00 30.00
150 litre Site mixer a diesel engine site mixer for larger volumes of concrete 30.00 42.00 60.00
Paddle Mixer complete with paddle 15.00 21.00 30.00
Forced Action Mixer small a compact multi material mixer 23.00 32.20 46.00
Forced Action Mixer large a large pan mixer for heavy duty industrial use 110.00 154.00 220.00

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