Mini Excavator 2.7 Ton

Mini Excavator 2.7 Ton

Our Kubota 2.7 Ton zero tail swing excavators offer dependable performance where its needed and include a wealth of features on which you can rely.
With zero tail swing the tail always stays within the width of the tracks allowing you to turn the cab through its 360 degree radius with confidence.
Our U27’s can be fitted with a variety of attachments including anti-vandal guards, peckers, kerb grabs and a range of buckets.

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Model Kubota U27-4
Weight 2590kgs
Overall Width 1.5metres
Overall Height 2.4metres
Max. Dig Depth 2.82metres
Loadover Height 3.14metres
Digging Force 2250kgf
Engine Kubota 3 Cylinder 15.5kw

Hiring Cost

1 Day £100.00
2 Day £200.00
1 Week £300.00

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