Excavator Attachments

Excavator Attachments

Our solid body hydraulic breaker attachments are the ultimate in HAVS prevention. By removing the user away from the tool and remotely operating from the cab, heavy demolition can be carried out without the need to worry about exposure times.  All breaker attachments come with a moile point as standard.

HSE guidance (CIS57) recommends the lifting of kerbstones to be done by mechanical means wherever practicable. We offer the Kerb-Krawler system by Exac-One. The Kerb-Grip Super is capable of lifting and positioning kerbs of upto 400kgs in weight and will lift many different types such as 10×5’s, large granite, beany, conservation, trieffe and bus stop.

Our planetary drive Auger units are easy to fit and can bore holes with diameters from 220mm to 290mm.


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Hydraulic Breaker SB102 for Excavators upto 3 Tons 50.00 100.00 180.00
Hydraulic Breaker PRB050 for Excavators upto 6 Tons 75.00 150.00 225.00
Hydraulic Breaker SB302 for Excavators upto 8 Tons 100.00 200.00 275.00
Hydraulic Kerb Grab Minimum 1 week Hire 200.00
Hydraulic Auger 220mm/290mm 52.50 73.50 105.00

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