Dualview Cabbed Dumper 6 Ton Powerswivel

Dualview Cabbed Dumper 6 Ton Powerswivel

Safe like a truck, compact like a dumper!

The driver’s cab concept allows the operator to turn the seat and console 180 degrees to determine the viewing and driving direction. The rotation can be conveniently performed from the driver’s seat by simply unlocking the seat console and then turn it around.

With the Dual View, the operator always has full visibility ahead: when unloading, he looks in the direction of the skip, before continuing driving he turns the seat and has unrestricted view in the driving direction. More visibility also means more safety. The driver sees where he is driving and better recognises potential dangers. Even annoying and potentially dangerous maneuvering or reversing is eliminated with the DV60 Dual View completely.

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Model Wacker Neuson DV60
Max Safe Capacity 6000kgs
Weight 4209kgs
Overall Width 2.23metres
Overall Length 4.69metres
Height 2.94metres
Drive System Hydrostatic 4WD

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