Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Gardens require constant maintenance to keep mother nature in check

We have a selection of powered hedge trimmers and brush cutters to stem the ever rising tide of growth. Choose from standard twin trim and long reach trimmers for the privet and powerful brush cutters to defeat the bramble

Had enough of the lawn? dig it all up with one of our powerful 16″ or 20″ hydraulic rotovators,

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Brush Cutter 4 stroke Petrol

Our brush cutters can be fitted with either heavy grade nylon cord or PolyCut blades to combat the most stubborn of brush

24.00 33.60 48.00
Hedge Trimmer 2 stroke

Leave the shears in the shed and hire one of our powered hedge trimmers.

20.00 28.00 40.00
Long Reach Hedge Trimmer 2 stroke

Featuring a 2.46 metre reach helping you reach the parts other hedge trimmers won’t

27.50 38.50 55.00
Rotovator 9hp 16”

With a 400mm tine width and benefiting from hydraulic power these rotovators feature a pivoting cowhorn handle allowing you to walk alongside houses and fencelines

55.00 77.00 110.00
Rotovator 13hp 20”

The 500mm is the largest of our rotovators and due to their hydraulic power are able to dig through heavy clay, root systems and stony ground with ease

65.00 91.00 130.00

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