Fans, Coolers & Air Movers

Fans, Coolers & Dehumidifiers

As the temperature creeps up so does the humidity. No sweat! We have you covered with our range of coolers, fans and dehumidifiers.


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Air Moving Fan 6500cfm (11,000m³/hr)

This large volume air mover helps to keep areas cool by moving the warm static air to give a cooling effect. This 500mm portable fan is perfectly balanced on a two wheeled trolley making it an efficient source of portable cooling.

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Evaporative Cooler 3,500m³/hr

By using a simple process of evaporation these coolers evaporate water to decrease the temperature of the air. All you need to do is keep the unit filled with cold water or ice, sit back and relax.


Our dehumidifiers are ideal for fast, effective humidity extraction. Maximum extraction is achieved at 30⁰C. Often used as building dryers they feature automatic purge systems and 10 metres of clear hose to remove the condensed water.


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