Winches and Material Lifts

Winches and Material Lifts

Our Beam Lifters will effortlessly lift I-beams upto 600kg in weight upto a maximum height of 2.75m. Our lifters come supplied with lift rated and tested, bow shackles and round slings. Folds flat for easy transit to site.

The Tirfor winch is a lightweight, compact one person winch capable of both lifting and pulling. Available in three different sizes and supplied with a 20 metre steel wire rope.

Our Panel Lifters are designed to lift and position plasterboard panels with a maximum dimension of 1.2m x 4.8m upto a height of 3.3m.

The “Bumpa” tile hoist can haul up to 80kg of various building materials up to roof height with ease. They can be fixed to scaffolding for maximum stability and work in both directions at the push of a button for stripping salvage. Our hoists are 8 metres in length with a maximum working height of 7 metres and can work at angles of up to 65 degrees.

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Winches Lift Capacity Pull Capacity 1 DAY 2 DAY WEEK
T508 Tirfor 800kg 1200kg 19.00 26.00 38.00
T516 Tirfor 1600kg 2500kg 38.00 53.00 75.00
T532 Tirfor 3200kg 5000kg 30.00 42.00 60.00


Material Lifts SWL Max Height  1 Day                              2Days                              Week
KAL275 Beam Lifter 600kg 2.75m 63.00 88.00 125.00
R150 Roust-A-Bout 680kg 4.6m 63.00 88.00 125.00
Panel Lifter 68kg 3.3m 31.00 44.00 63.00
Bumpa Tile Hoist 8 metre 80kg 7.0m 56.00 113.00 150.00


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