Portable Mobile Pressure Washers

Mobile Pressure Washers

Our range of pressure washers provide high pressure and high flow rates to cater for all industrial and domestic cleaning requirements. A hose and lance are supplied with optional dirt agitator heads available.

Utilising high pressure with hot water can often be the only way of cleaning stubborn dirt. Our hot water pressure washers are the answer with large kerosene tank and 1500psi at the nozzle they can be relied on to clean the grubbiest job.


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1200psi/11lps Cold Water Washer 110v 43.80 61.30 87.50
1500psi/11lps Cold Water Washer 240v 31.30 43.80 62.50
2200psi/20lps Cold Water Washer Diesel 62.50 87.50 125.00
1500psi/11lps Hot Water Washer 240v/Kerosene 62.50 87.50 125.00

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