Our range of carry frame generators give portable site power where you need it for running power tools where no mains connection exists. Dual voltage, standard silenced.

Power for the professional with our soundproofed generator sets. Trailer mounted for easy transport and featuring keyless ignition. Our 20kva sets give multi phase power supply of either 110volt, 220volt or 415volt depending on your requirement.


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DESCRIPTION Power (kw) Run Time (hr) 1 DAY 2 DAY WEEK
2701s 2.7kva 2.2 3.6@75% 25.00 35.00 50.00
G500IWS 5kva 4.0 3.6@75% 37.50 52.50 75.00


DESCRIPTION Power (kw) Run Time (hr) 1 DAY 2 DAY WEEK
SSD6000S 6kva 4.8kw 17@75% 50.00 70.00 100.00
SSD10000S 10kva 8 13@75% 81.30 113.80 162.50
SSDK20M 20kva 16 26@75% 150.00 210.00 300.00


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