Bowser Pressure Washer

Bowser Pressure Washer

For the ultimate in site cleaning our 3000 psi bowser pressure washers are the answer. Featuring 940 litre bowsers, a powerful 15 litre per minute pump, integral tanks for anti freeze(15ltr) and chemical additive(28ltr) and a robust tubular steel chassis with rear protection frame they are mounted on single axle trailers with lighting, brakes and rubber suspension ready to tow away.

Each washer is mounted with a live 9 metre hose reel but if this isn’t enough to reach the job we can provide an optional 50 metre mobile hose reel.


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3000psi/15lpm Bowser Washer Diesel 93.80 131.30 187.50
50 metre Mobile Hose Reel 31.30 43.80 62.50

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