Floor Preparation

Floor Preparation

Surface Preparation for the professional. Whether you’re fetching up old vinyl floor tiles of removing the waterproof membrane from a bridge deck, Traction have a solution for you.

Our Floor Preparation tools come with different media to suit different applications. For instance beam cutters can be fitted to our multiplanes where the removal of paint and laitance is required rather than the concrete reduction which the standard TCT cutters give. Our STR701 units have a wide selection of media from nylon scrubbing brushes to tungsten carbide coated steel discs for the removal of adhesive and rubber.

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Diamond Cup Grinder 110v

The EasyGrind is a trolley mounted 230mm angle grinder suitable for the grinding down of raised areas on concrete floors and the removal of stubborn floor debris. A 175mm diamond cup wheel is supplied and wear will be charged by the millimetre.


27.50 38.50 55.00
200mm Multi Planer 110v/Petrol

The Multiplaner is a professional tool for the removal of tough floor deposits like rust or ice, concrete reduction or scabbling, and can also be used in the removal of roof chippings. Tough TCT flails are completely hidden making the multiplaner a safe answer to many different applications. WEAR CHARGES APPLY.


43.75 61.25 87.50
275mm Multi Planer Petrol

The BEF275 is the larger variant of the 200mm floor plane and is typically used for the cleaning and texturing of concrete floors,  concrete reduction and scabbling

87.50 122.50 175.00
Rotary Preparation System 110v

A multi purpose floor prep unit, the STR701 can be fitted with a variety of cleaning and grinding heads including diamond and silicon carbide together with a comprehensive range of brushes. The STR 701 can be operated dust free when used with a dust extraction skirt and a suitable vacuum.



87.50 122.50 175.00
Industrial Dust Extraction Unit 110v

Industrial surface preparation equipment requires efficient heavy duty high volume collection of dust and debris. It is essential that the correct vacuum equipment is also used to provide a safe working environment.



62.50 87.50 125.00
Diamond Floor Grinder 110v

Our industrial floor grinders are designed to effectively grind down raised areas of concrete using premium diamond attachments and variable ballast. Diamond wear is charged separately.


75.00 105.00 150.00

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